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April 17, 2018

Test Drive Your Look – How to Keep Your Dress From Becoming a Source of Tears?

Have you ever tried to put a dress on only to discover that…well, you have fifteen minutes and the zipper still is not fastened? Now imagine that happening on your wedding day.

The best way to prevent this is to test drive everything before the day itself. Meet up with the person who will be helping you get ready at a time when you have no pressure. Here are the things to think about?

1. How long will it take you to put the dress on? If the dress has buttons, crochet hooks can help you button them quickly. If you have a rear zipper, a zip helper is useful even if somebody is there to zip you up. Threading yarn through the zipper will give them something extra to pull on and can make a huge difference. Hutton Hotel Wedding

2. Does the dress “sit” correctly? Is there a particular way you need to position it to make sure it is not off center or worse? Sometimes the bodice can move around while you are fastening it.

3. Garment lines? Make sure nothing is showing through or around your dress that should not be. Make sure you give yourself enough time for an emergency run to the store if you discover you have a problem that can’t be easily fixed.

4. Does your necklace work with your dress? Try all of your jewelry on to make sure it gives the right finishing touch. Make sure that necklaces are a good length with the dress, bracelets are not riding up under your sleeves, etc.

5. Can you walk in those shoes? If you are wearing heels and don’t normally, you may want to practice in your shoes a few times before the day.Scarritt Bennett Wedding

6. Hair and makeup? Always have a hair and makeup run through before the wedding so you can tweak things as needed and know how much time to allow.

A test drive will help the big day go smoothly. It can also help make sure your photography timeline does not end up being thrown out the window. Another great alternative is to schedule a bridal session before the wedding so you can do your test drive and see how it photographs. If you are looking for a great wedding photographer to do a bridal session and to preserve your big day, contact High Gravity Photography today.

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